Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Freedom And Liberty Are A Personal Matter - Ragardless Of Who Is In Office

Dear Mayor Love,

Those who support the constitution and are against checkpoints are not FOR Drunk Driving.
We are FOR Civil Liberties and the protection of individual rights.

I have seen checkpoints in other states but never to the degree that was seen Saturday night.
(Even small checkpoints are unconstitutional)

It took nearly 40 minutes to get from Bluffdale to Harvest Hills.

The flood lights, generators, and level of police presence was shocking and alarming.

Are you sure you support the constitution - IN ITS ENTIRETY?

Or are you one of those who is willing to rob us of a large portion of our Liberties in the name of providing a small level of security?

Saratoga's Police checkpoint is both a violation of the constitution and a waste of resources that could be used to clean up the city's own weeds.


Frank Townsman


to me

show details Jul 23 (4 days ago)

I checked into this and found out that the check point was conducted by the Lehi PD.
It seems to me that you have a problem with me personally. I don't know why. I haven't meet you or done anything to my knowledge that would offend you.
I am as I said very conservative and am also a 9/12 member. I took on this job so I can serve. I will start making 820 a month and that doesn't even cover my out of pocket cost.
The first I've heard of a major outside of the Peltekian problem was the letter to sent to me in the media last week. The email was in my opinion, hostile and threatening. I don't repository well to either. I was disappointed that a fellow conservative would have taken such a stand without first offering an opportunity to discuss the problem.
I am however going to find a system that would allow the residents have an outlet to discuss police issues and make recommendations to the council about police behavior, by creating a Citizens PD Review Commitee.
I am asking you to please try and respectfully work with me through these problems and get the coucil involved. I do not have a vote so I can't do a thing without the council approvals.
Mia B. Love

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Dear Mayor Love

It Is Absolutely Nothing Personal..
We are sorry you have you have personalized it.
This is about Liberty and Freedom and whether or not government is aimed to serve or to harass the people of Saratoga Springs.
Many Saratoga Springs citizens feel as though local government is out to gouge them for a buck at every turn.

As the mayor you are The Boss - correct?
When the people have a question or a concern, they go to the Boss.

Saying that we intend to demonstrate publicly or to vote you out if you ignore what the people perceive to be a problem is part of our constitutional right.

This is not a personal threat to you - it is a promise to exercise our constitutional rights as citizens of the United States of America to assemble and to vote.

You of all people as a servant of the people should be pleased that we have taken action.

You see, this is a major issue we face currently in local, state and federal government - which we hope you are well aware of. Government does not listen to the people.

This shouldn't hurt your feelings.
But we are glad we have your attention.

By the way, may we remind you that this (and your compensation no matter how big or small) is what you signed up for when you ran for office.

And FYI The Checkpoint was on Redwood Road between Bluffdale and Saratoga Springs, which is believed by most citizens to be Saratoga Springs Jurisdiction as Lehi PD NEVER Patrols that area as does Saratoga Springs PD.
and with the Bluffdale Saratoga Springs merge it is easy to understand why people would believe such to be the case.
This could have been easily prevented by A: Notifying the public and B: Simply abiding by the constitution.

We are preparing a list of issues that we would like to have you look into and will offer a response to your first letter of response to keep the main dialogue open.

We are taking time to conduct in independent investigation of the issues currently plaguing our community.
We will present our findings to you in a constructive and helpful manner.
We also plan to schedule an open forum and will do so soon.

We look forward to working together.


Frank Townsman
(The voice of Concerned Citizens)

We are genuinely concerned for the safety of those who plan to use The Saratoga Springs Rescue Boat on Utah Lake.
It is too small to be safe on Utah Lake in any amount of wind.
It will endanger those who intend to use it and will also take too long to deploy to be of any service.
In short - it was in our opinion a waste of money.

Was The Police Checkpoint On Redwood Road Completely Lawful?

Tempers have flared over the recent Police Checkpoint on Redwood Road between Saratoga Springs and Bluffdale.

Saratoga Watchdogs have discovered that while there may have been a Saratoga Springs PD Presence, the checkpoint was carried out by Lehi PD.

The question still stands - "Was the checkpoint Legal?"

Was a Saratoga Springs PD Presence part of the written plan that was required to be submitted to and approved by a magistrate prior to carrying out said checkpoint?

Was a plan actually submitted and approved by a magistrate.

We Want To Know....

If Saratoga Springs PD Staff participated in the police checkpoint without prior authorization in an approved plan of action, this is a grave violation of the law.

Utah Code
Title 77 Utah Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 23 Search and Administrative Warrants
Section 101 Title of act.

77-23-101. Title of act.
Sections 77-23-101 through 77-23-105 may be cited as the "Administrative Traffic Checkpoint Act."

Utah Code
Title 77 Utah Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 23 Search and Administrative Warrants
Section 102 Definitions.

77-23-102. Definitions.
As used in this part:
(1) "Administrative traffic checkpoint" means a roadblock procedure where enforcement officers stop all, or a designated sequence of, motor vehicles traveling on highways and roads and subject those vehicles to inspection or testing and the drivers or occupants to questioning or the production of documents.
(2) "Command level officer" includes all sheriffs, heads of law enforcement agencies, and all supervisory enforcement officers of sergeant rank or higher.
(3) "Emergency circumstances" means circumstances where enforcement officers reasonably believe road conditions, weather conditions, or persons present a significant hazard to persons or the property of other persons.
(4) "Enforcement officer" includes:
(a) peace officers as defined in Title 53, Chapter 13, Peace Officer Classifications;
(b) correctional officers as defined in Title 53, Chapter 13;
(c) special function officers as defined and under the restrictions of Title 53, Chapter 13; and
(d) federal officers as defined in Title 53, Chapter 13.
(5) "Magistrate" includes all judicial officers enumerated in Subsection 77-1-3(4).
(6) "Motor vehicle" includes all vehicles as defined in Title 41, Chapter 1a.

Utah Code
Title 77 Utah Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 23 Search and Administrative Warrants
Section 103 Circumstances permitting an administrative traffic checkpoint.

77-23-103. Circumstances permitting an administrative traffic checkpoint.
A motor vehicle may be stopped and the occupants detained by an enforcement officer when the enforcement officer:
(1) is acting pursuant to a duly authorized search warrant or arrest warrant;
(2) has probable cause to arrest or search;
(3) has reasonable suspicion that criminal activity has occurred or is occurring;
(4) is acting under emergency circumstances; or
(5) is acting pursuant to duly authorized administrative traffic checkpoint authority granted by a magistrate in accordance with Section 77-23-104.

Enacted by Chapter 72, 1992 General Session
Utah Code
Title 77 Utah Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 23 Search and Administrative Warrants
Section 104 Written plan -- Approval of magistrate.

77-23-104. Written plan -- Approval of magistrate.
(1) An administrative traffic checkpoint may be established and operated upon written authority of a magistrate.
(2) A magistrate may issue written authority to establish and operate an administrative traffic checkpoint if:
(a) a command level officer submits to the magistrate a written plan signed by the command level officer describing:
(i) the location of the checkpoint including geographical and topographical information;
(ii) the date, time, and duration of the checkpoint;
(iii) the sequence of traffic to be stopped;
(iv) the purpose of the checkpoint, including the inspection or inquiry to be conducted;
(v) the minimum number of personnel to be employed in operating the checkpoint, including the rank of the officer or officers in charge at the scene;
(vi) the configuration and location of signs, barriers, and other means of informing approaching motorists that they must stop and directing them to the place to stop;
(vii) any advance notice to the public at large of the establishment of the checkpoint; and
(viii) the instructions to be given to the enforcement officers operating the checkpoint;
(b) the magistrate makes an independent judicial determination that the plan appropriately:
(i) minimizes the length of time the motorist will be delayed;
(ii) minimizes the intrusion of the inspection or inquiry;
(iii) minimizes the fear and anxiety the motorist will experience;
(iv) minimizes the degree of discretion to be exercised by the individual enforcement officers operating the checkpoint; and
(v) maximizes the safety of the motorist and the enforcement officers; and
(c) the administrative traffic checkpoint has the primary purpose of inspecting, verifying, or detecting:
(i) drivers that may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
(ii) license plates, registration certificates, insurance certificates, or driver licenses;
(iii) violations of Title 23, Wildlife Resources Code of Utah; or
(iv) other circumstances that are specifically distinguishable by the magistrate from a general interest in crime control.
(3) Upon determination by the magistrate that the plan meets the requirements of Subsection (2), the magistrate shall sign the authorization and issue it to the command level officer, retaining a copy for the court's file.
(4) A copy of the plan and signed authorization shall be issued to the checkpoint command level officer participating in the operation of the checkpoint.
(5) Any enforcement officer participating in the operation of the checkpoint shall conform his activities as nearly as practicable to the procedures outlined in the plan.
(6) The checkpoint command level officer shall be available to exhibit a copy of the plan and signed authorization to any motorist who has been stopped at the checkpoint upon request of the motorist.

Section 104.5 Signs -- Prohibitions.

77-23-104.5. Signs -- Prohibitions.
An enforcement officer may not display a sign that notifies motorists of an administrative traffic checkpoint unless the checkpoint is being operated under the authority of a magistrate as provided in Section 77-23-104.

Weeds Weeds Here.... Weeds Weeds There...

It's a fact. Saratoga Springs City not only has a weed issue, the city is also not Landscape Compliant and poses a significant fire hazard.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

We promised additional photos of weeds on Saratoga Springs City Properties.
Here they are.

Again we ask that Saratoga Springs City Officials cease to issue and enforce citations for residential weed and landscape violations until the city can demonstrate full compliance with the same weed and landscape codes.

It would be a shame for the nicest stretch of roadway in our community to be Pioneer Crossing - which is being constructed and maintained by the Utah Department of Transportation.

Did we really need a boat that poses a threat to the safety of its operators?
$6000 can buy several pallets of sod that the city can place on island dividers and at key intersections throughout the community.

Many people cannot afford landscape in these trying economic times let alone afford a $50 per day fine for non compliance.

(Click the image to see weeds in near actual size... Well.. not really.. But they are pretty big...)

Front of SS Police Dept

Redwood Rd and Commerce SE Corner

Commerce Drive Across From Arctic Circle

Dalmore and Redwood Road SE Corner

Dalmore and Redwood Road NE Corner

Saratoga Hills Entrance SW Corner

Saratoga Hills Entrance SW Corner (Dry Weeds Close Up)

SR 73 and Redwood Road SW Corner

Redwood Road At Saratoga Springs Walmart (View Toward Thanksgiving Point)

SR 73 At Saratoga Springs Walmart (View Toward Arctic Circle)

SR 73 At Saratoga Springs Walmart (View Toward Eagle Mountain)

SR 73 At Saratoga Springs Walmart (View Toward Sunrise Meadows)

Saratoga Springs Fire Safety

Saratoga Springs Fire Safety

Saratoga Springs Fire Safety

Saratoga Springs Fire Safety

Saratoga Springs Fire Safety

Monday, July 26, 2010

They Don't Abide By The Law - They Just Enforce It! or Mayor Love's Firey Response

Dear Concerned Citizen,

I am aware that the police have been sending out a notice to comply to residents that have not put in their landscaping. As you may or may not know. About 2-3 years ago, we had a fire on BLM property that threatened the lives of many residents that live in the lake mountain area. As a results we had many compliants from Jacobs Ranch residents and other communities asking the city to do something about the weeds that are a fire hazard.

I do not like nor believe it is the governments business to get involved with personal lives including mine (as a resident of Saratoga Springs). It is however mine and the councils duty to keep our residents safe. Here are the ordinances that were set by the council before I became a council member and the "weeds" ordinance that was designed to keep residents safe from fire speading to homes.

City Ordinance 19.06.090 requires all residential lots to have front yards landscaped within (1) year and backyards within (2) years after receiving a Certificate of Occupancy.

City Ordinance Section 19.16.040 (10b). Weeds shall not be permitted to reach a height of more than six inches at any time.

As for other police complaints and citizens not being treated fairly, I would have a major concern about that. I will not tolerate any one being targeted or treated unfairly by our police department. Before we created a police department I made sure I emphasized that our department was to be community oriented. I was concerned that police everywhere were becoming more and more aggressive towards residents instead of being the service men and women they were suppose to be. If there is a specific complaint, please bring it to my attention so I can personally investigate it.

I am a resident of Saratoga Springs. I take my responsibly to serve the community very seriously. Again, if you have any specific complaints, I encourage you to call me personally (801-319-6415 my personal cell phone) to set up a meeting with me, or contact our city council. I also encourage anyone who would like to hold a town hall meeting, to schedule it with our city recorder (Lori Yates) or our city manager (Ken Leetham) @ 801-766-9793.

Thank you for your letter,
Mia B. Love

Mia Love
Saratoga Springs Mayor
1307 North Commerce Drive, Suite 200
Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
(801)766-9793 - office
(801)766-9794 - fax

(See Our Response Below)

To say that the current barrage of weed and landscape violation citations is utterly ridiculous.

The fire mentioned in Mayor Love's letter occurred more than 2 years ago.

If city officials were truly concerned about fire safety, they would have the city's weeds cleaned up fist to set the example.

Then proper landscape would come next.

This is the first set of images we would like to offer to the public.

Several more images will be posted.

We will also be conducting a door to door survey throughout Saratoga Springs Neighborhoods including Harvest Hills, Sunrise Meadows, Saratoga Hills, Jacob's Ranch, Still Water, Fox Hollow, and others.

We ask that until the city cleans up their own mess that all citations, fines, and code enforcement for these types of alleged violations cease.

Please support us in our efforts to keep our local government honest.

SS Public Works - Jacob's Ranch North Entrance

SS Public Works - Jacob's Ranch North Entrance

SS Public Works - Jacob's Ranch North Entrance

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

Saratoga Springs Public Works

In Front of Saratoga Springs PD

Monday, July 19, 2010

Who We Are.. Why We're Here..

Welcome to "Keeping Government Honest In Saratoga Springs Utah".

This blog is a response to the numerous pleas for a unified voice against the many alleged and or perceived government injustices that occur in Saratoga Springs, UT.

Alleged Complaints Include:

- Police officers entering private property to remove pets without cause
- Arbitrary Landscape and Pet Code Enforcement
- Speed Traps
- Police Speeding While Not In Pursuit
- Police Targeting Trailers for Police Impound
- City Contracting with Companies That Employ Illegal Aliens
- Police Distorting Testimony In Domestic Disputes To Fabricate a Crime
- Unconstitutional Police Check points - Stopping Motorists Without Probable Cause
- Police Department Jurisdiction Violations
- Motorist Intimidation/Being Followed by Police
- Police Detaining Motorists Without Cause
- Unreasonable Utility Costs
- Police Acting In Behalf of Fish and Wildlife Officials Without Cause
- Neglect of City Property/Not Conforming to City Codes
- Arbitrary Interpretation and Enforcement of Zoning Code
- Second Amendment Rights Violations
- Denying The Accused Due Process
- Denying Legal Defense

As a collective organization, we aim to exercise our constitutional rights to bring about much needed government reforms within the community of Saratoga Springs Utah.

By carrying out a grass roots movement that will include Interviews of Saratoga Springs Citizens, Peaceful Public Assembly, Direct Government and Media Contact, Gathering Petitions, Town Hall Meetings, and City Counsel Meetings, we aim to keep our local government honest in their duties to Saratoga Springs Citizens.

Thank You for visiting.

Please support us in our cause.

Frank Townsman

A Letter to Mayor Mia Love

Mayor Love,

I am a resident of Saratoga Springs and am writing to you on behalf of myself and many of my neighbors as well as members of the 9/12 project, Tea Party movement, and numerous other concerned citizens of Sartoga Springs.

Unfortunately we feel for now the need to contact you anonymously to avoid reprisal from city officials as it has been demonstrated in the past that Citizens of Saratoga Springs are not guaranteed due process or equal protection under the law and that local city officials have acted out of jurisdiction in cases of animal control and landscaping code enforcement.

Recently, several citizens have received what we feel to be harassment from Officer S (Sam?) Beck, "Code Enforcement Officer" regarding landscaping and yard maintenance issues.

In comparing Notice Of Violation forms, we have seen that although each of us share in identical alleged violations, some are not being cited for the same violations that others are being cited for, and others are not being cited at all; thus creating an imbalance in the enforcement of the law and a prevailing sense that some are being targeted by Mr. Beck and other city officials.
There have been no known complaints from neighbros resulting in cofusion over the recent borrage of notices of violation.

As a result of current economic conditions, many Saratoga Springs Residents cannot afford to pay for landscaping nor can they afford to hire a yard care service. For some, time that would otherwise be devoted to yard maintenance is being devoted to working extra hours or holding second sources of employment to prevent much worse things from happening such as utility shut off, vehicle repossessions, and home foreclosure.
These are all REAL ISSUES facing residents of Saratoga Springs.

These issues are unfortunate as they come on the heels of numerous other vocal complaints from citizens and vistors alike against the police department for the apparent "Over Policing" of Redwood Road. Many residents have come to feel as though we live in a Police Community similar to what was seen in east Germany and neighboring Soviet Block countries.
I understand that sounds somewhat extreme. But never the less, many citizens of Saratoga Springs share the same feelings that have been expressed here.

There have also been more serious complaints against the Saratoga Springs Judicial Systems a whole.

When the citizens perceive that the lawmakers and police become too overzealous with taking away freedoms, assessing fines, making unreasonable and unfounded threats, unreasonably inspecting our personal property, taking pictures of our personal property, taking pictures of our houses, having the police follow us for miles all the way to our home to run out license plate, pulling us over just to check us out, and no longer caring about the individual citizens, then the citizens have a duty to stand up.
The citizens then have the obligation in a free society to stand up, be heard, and say "look all these rules may be well intended, most of you may mean well, but understand-all these rules, regulations, fines, police actions, have unintended consequences that many citizens believe in their hearts are Un-American. Instead of adding assaults on our freedom with every governmental and police action, you should work to free us up from all of these impingements. This is your Constitutional duty or the people will rightfully seek to have city officials removed form office through the political process.

I have lived in two other communities in Utah as well as other more liberal states and have never witnessed anything remotely similar to what is currently happening in Saratoga Springs.

Many of us regret our decision to live in Saratoga Springs and yet due to conditions within the real estate market, are STUCK HERE.

In light of these concerns, we the people of Saratoga Springs would like to request a town hall meeting or similar open forum at which time we can safely come before you as our Mayor and share our grievances as well as examine ways in which we can work together as Public Servant and constituency to make Saratoga Springs a more desirable community in which to live.

Should you ignore our request for an open forum many citizens of Saratoga Springs have agreed to unite in a grass roots movement to campaign against your re-election as mayor and or any other public office you may seek to hold.

In addition, our immediate plan is to conduct an independent door to door investigation among the residents of Saratoga Springs as to the nature of all other citations issued by S Beck or other Code Enforcement Officers, after which time we intend to bring the findings of our investigation forward before you in a future town hall or similar forum, the city council, our state elected representatives, and if necessary the attorney general of the state of Utah.

Included in our investigation will be proof that Saratoga Springs City is not being held to the same standards as the residents of the city as there are numerous places throughout city property that are in violation of the same codes that we have been charged with violating.
This amplifies the sense that there exists a prevailing imbalance in code enforcement.

Please send your response and the proposed date and time of a Town Hall Meeting or similar open forum that will be held at or after 7pm on a week day within 10 days of receipt of this email to this email address as all concerned will be properly notified.

Failure to respond will be construed as disregard for the views of your constituency and will result in our collective efforts to campaign against your re-election, which will include peaceful assembly and public demonstration at the Saratoga Springs Crossroads during weekends and rush hour traffic.

This letter has also been sent to each major and minor Radio, Television, and Print News media outlet in the greater Salt Lake County/Utah County areas.

The People Of Saratoga Springs Have Spoken!
Our Voices Will Be Heard!


Concerned Citizen

(ATTN Media: All response and inquiries can be sent to this email address: concernedsaratogacitizens@gmail.com)..